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The first Radijojo 'Lamya Toubati Memorial Award' goes to...

... young reporters from Loudaya, Morocco.

The first Lamya Toubati Memorial Award for Peace and Education 2016 by Radijojo was awarded by Stefan Hopfgarten to the editors Nouhaila, Ayoub, Youssef, Bader and Abd Nabi for their article 'Loudaya’s Natural Resources', published in the August edition of the "Loudaya Talents’ Newspaper", in recognition of their commitment to protect the environment and for sustainable development. 

The young reporters were interviewed by Naima Tebbaa for the SRNT national news, about their article and their thoughts about environmental protection in their local region. The interview was broadcast at MFM 97.7 on january 12th,15h30 local time.

The Lamya Toubati Memorial Award for Peace and Education (LTMAPE) was created in order to commemorate our late colleague and teacher Lamya Toubati.


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