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Which type of fish can you catch in Lake Erie?

Today we make our way back across the great pond to our friends in Cleveland. Of course via video conference again. During our spring camp we had skyped with these kids already. We had so much fun together that we arranged to meet again for our summer camp.

When the connection is established, we are jealous at first. Because the kids are sitting outside surrounded by nature, on the shores of a large lake - how awesome!

How we would like to crawl through the internet line and jump straight into the water. Because here in Berlin we have been sweating for days at over 30 degrees.

The children on the other side of the Atlantic first give us some hints as to which body of water they are on: we learn that the border with Canada runs right through the lake’s centre and is named after an Indian tribe.

It quickly becomes clear to us where exactly they are staying: on Lake Erie! Lake Erie is located in the north of the USA and is one of the five Great Lakes. It's sooo big that you can't even see the opposite bank. We learn that fishing is one of the most popular sports there. Salmon, perch, pike perch and trout are being caught. There are also many water snakes there. They like to bask on the rocks but are non-venomous.

The kids in Cleveland are also on their summer school holiday right now, spending a lot of time at the lake swimming and kayaking.

The children show us their "treasures" which they found on the beach...

...and we get to know these four- and two-legged friends.

On both sides we ask each other a bunch of questions. What kind of music do you all listen to? What do you want to be when you grow up? And what is your favourite word in German?

Why does this question come up? The children there go to the German Language School Cleveland. The school there belongs to the German-American Cultural Center of the Danube Swabians.

Everything we talked about you can listen to in our audio player at the top.

A big thank you again today to Heike Haddenbrock, Headmistress of the German Language School Cleveland, for the fantastic organisation. See you next time.

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