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Salam Aleikum04/17/2017

School Report Morocco India Germany

Greetings from Morocco to Germany and India.

Our school newspaper - total international!

We are the students of ElFatouaki Middle School in Loudaya. We introduce you to the African Union, the role of women in Morocco and to our exchange with children in Germany and India. Here comes our newspaper "ElFatouaki News".
We first discussed how a student newspaper might look like.

Then we thought about the title and the topics we wanted to present.


We started our work in small groups.

We extensively discussed about the topics for our newspaper and then we voted on this.

All the time we were strongly supported by the Radijojo team.

Girls and boys worked together in all groups.

And here is our newspaper - in GermanEnglish, French and, of course, in Arabic!

Morocco has rejoined the African Union early this year. What were the reasons for leaving 33 years ago and what are the goals of the organisation?

We received photos and audios of our partners from Germany and we answered to their questions.
And, of course, we also wanted to know many things about them and about Berlin: What languages ​​do you speak? What national holidays do you celebrate there? What types of environmental problems do you have?

We were also worried about equal rights for boys and girls, especially in Morocco. There are many changes, including new laws. But the implementation doesnt' work well yet. 

Another important issue for us were drugs. There are many teenagers in Morocco who use drugs. We thought about the reasons and how to educate children and young people about risks and consequences.

We continue with riddles and jokes. Unfortunately, the jokes don't work in English - therefore, we only published them in Arabic.

Our school organised already some campaigns to educate about drugs. In general, our school is very special: There are many, many activities beside regular classes: many workshops, but also many excursions - for example to the international book fair to Casablanca.

And, of course, we are also very committed to protecting the environment. Here are our ideas.

We also got in contact with children in India. They are producers of the Indian newspaper "Peace Gong". We didn't know much about India and so we had a lot of questions.  And the same was the case the other way around.

Here is our whole team....

....and more pictures of our workshop.

The layout team was responsible for the design of our newspaper.

We took all pictures by ourselves and learnt how to edit them.

Here we drew the logo of the African Union.

Once again, here is our whole team: students, teachers and the staff of Radijojo.

We hope you like our newspaper! We are looking forward to the next edition!

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