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Art for Peace, Respect and Tolerance

Here is our first student newspaper - the Ait Imour Art Magazine!

Salem Aleikum! We are the students of Imam Chafii Middle School from Ait Imour. Ait Imour is a small town near the city of Marrakesh and is known for its livestock and crop products. There are also lots of fruits.

In a workshop with Radijojo we produced our first student newspaper: an art magazine. We discussed about topics which are important to us and painted pictures and took photographs. Our magazine is about peace, the role of women in the society, about fitness and health, environmental protection, clean drinking water and popular equestrian sports in our region.

And here it is: our Ait Imour Art Magazine - in German, English, French and of course, in Arabic!

We really wish a peaceful coexistence of all nations and religions. Below you see our messages for tolerance, respect and solidarity.

Sometimes the conflicts in our school get violent. We want to show with a little photo story how to behave best in such a situation. Let us be peaceful and respect each other!

A lack of environmental awareness in our society is still a problem. Some people dump rubbish at roadsides, because there is a lack of dustbins and garbage container. This causes environmental demages. In such cases, more dustbins could help. That also would be better for our health.

Everyone here wants to drive cars or motorbikes, but no one worries about air pollution. We hope that more people use public transport in order to reduce air pollution.

Fitness and a healthy diet are preconditions for a healthy life. But far too many children are just hanging up their smartphones or in front of computers rather than playing outside and being active. That's why we demand: more sport activities for ALL - for a healthy and a long life!

We painted pictures foccusing on education of girls in the countryside and their right to determine their future. Some girls here can not go to school, because the necessary means of transport are missing. Or they have to leave school because they get married in an early age. So many of them can only dream of living an autonomous life.

Clean drinking water is vital and a scarce ressource in Morocco. And yet people do not handle it with care. They are wasting water and they pollute lakes and rivers. This also can lead to diseases.

Fantazia is a great spectacle and the oldest equestrian game in Morocco. The Fantazia is played by a group of riders in traditional costumes, mostly on Berber horses. They must gallop in a straight line next to each other with the same speed. At the end of the line the riders fire simultaneously in the air with their rifles. It is important that they all do this at the same moment, so that only one single bang can be heard.

Ait Imour is known for the  Fantazia spectacle. The equestrian games take always place during the olive season. For a long time only boys and men were allowed to participate. But nowadays also girls and women join this game. We have painted different costums of Fantazia for you and we want to introduce you to other types of popular equestrian sports.

Here is our whole team.

And here are some pictures of the "Making off".
We collected suggestions for the title and finally choosed Ait Imour Art Magazine.

Then we thought about the topics. There were many ideas, so we did a voting.

We worked in groups and got big discussions about how to present our topics.

We worked in mixed groups - boys and girls together.

The layout group was responsible for the design of the newspaper...

... as well as for header and logos. They drew many sketches..

...before they came to a decision.

Busy artists everywhere.

This group was working on "fitness and health".

All drawings were scanned and edited.

And here again - our famous team!

We hope you like our magazine! See you again!


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