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Life Event Bosnia And Herzegovina

40,000 children from all over Bosnia & Herzegovina celebrating the KIDSFEST

Since 2004, every year thousands of kids are celebrating the Kids Festival in Sarajevo.

The Kids Festival is a mixture of education and fun.  There are workshops, quizzes, movies, arts etc. all with a intercultural and international orientation. This offers a wide diversity to the activities.

Kid’s Festival’s motto promotes the initiative of the Council of Europe “All different, all equal”.

They also implemented the UNICEF Wall of Wishes, here are some excerpts:

“I wish there was no domestic violence.
I wish all the children would have same educational rights.
I wish that graffiti were legal in this country and that there was more space to make them.
I wish there were more swimming pools.
I wish my father would come back.
My wish is that people become better and that there are no gender differences.
I wish my school would have computers and Internet, plus a better yard to play in.”


For more informations visit the website at:  www.kidsfest.ba/eng


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